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Analog, HD-SDI or IP technologies to professionally record and analyze events at home, business or at a large institution.
Professionally engineered alarm panels, sensors, duress and perimeter protection for the comfort of your family or rock-solid asset protection. Trusted industry brands such as Honeywell, GE, DSC, 2GIG/Linear etc.
Our professional UL-compliant CSAA Five-Diamond monitoring center provides 24/7 landline and cellular monitoring to signal the relevant authorities and provide you with a virtual presence at your home or business even while you are asleep.
We offer full remote control of door locks, lights and thermostat controls utilizing remote apps driven off your web-browser, Android or iPhone. Our partners include, ipDatatel and Honeywell Total Connect. This gives us the ability to upgrade or takeover almost any existing alarm system and upgrade it to a home or office automation command center.
We are constantly in search of new technologies which reduce home/business energy consumption; with resultant costs savings while providing users optimal control at their fingertips. From our Z-WAVE enabled thermostats and appliance control modules which set specific routines to conserve energy that can be controlled via your alarm system's app, to energy conserving and longer lasting LED landscape and security lighting, we endeavour to reduce your carbon footprint.
From single door keypad access control to biometric and RFID access systems (including hotel door locks), we work with industry leading brands to secure, audit and integrate centralized access control into your business enterprise, school or institution. Our FingerTec biometric and time-attendance systems feature "cloud" based storage which permits remote access to employee statistics and remote features which simplify business processes and improve your bottom line.


We offer state of the art equipment from industry leaders: Honeywell, 2GIG, DSC and GE. Our professional technicians have over 45 years experience in the industry and can repair, upgrade or take-over almost every existing alarm system or recommend the best fit for your unique scenario and budget.

As a Security Networks dealer we offer some of the best value-added services into our home and commercial monitored alarms:
Theft Protection Guarantee
Lifetime Warranty Included
Free System Move Program
False Alarm Guarantee
IDnet (Identity Theft Protection)
WeatherNet Alert Service
Home Insurance Discount
Five Diamond Monitoring Center

Home owners benefit from savings of up to 20% on their home-owner's insurance policy and our theft protection guarantee of $1000.00 offered by Security Networks (call us for details).

Our standard alarm package includes:

**Customers will be pleased to know that with the fading away of Plain Old Telephone Lines (POTS) and likely possibility of your conventional phone line being "out of service" or severed by thieves (a very common phenomenon in the USA) , we offer cellular monitoring in almost every area of Florida. This saves cost of having a phone line and provides the gateway for enhanced services such as Two-Way Voice, Home Automation and Remote App support. We also work with the new 4G cellular standard equipment on almost every cell communication device we install**

We customize your home or commercial alarm systems to include as many different types of sensors and output devices as required. Our commercial systems utilize UL-approved equipment and our residential panels feature UL/ETL approved equipment.

Some of the additional devices we offer include:

Recessed Door/Window Contacts- These keep your contacts hidden in plain sight.

Panic Remote Buttons and Pendants - These are popular and extremely useful as hold-up devices, duress buttons or elderly/sick medical alerting devices.

Garage door modules to integrate your home alarm into virtually any garage door, automatic overhead door or exterior automatic gate.

Advanced smoke and rate of rise heat detectors (for residential only). Sensitive yet impeccably discerning glass-break detectors.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors with built-in 85db sounder and end of life indicator.

Image Sensor which uses wireless technology to remotely transit MMS and email messages with color video clips. This device integrates a motion sensor into a QVGA resolution camera that includes night vision, infrared and sensitivity adjustments for the built-in PIR motion detector. This presents the ultimate experience in home security and management.

720p 2GIG indoor camera with wireless color technology, PIR motion detection and night vision. This allows remote video access via our service portal or on a mobile device, without the full blown expense of a CCTV system and DVR recorder.

Our commercial and some residential alarms also feature advanced panels and keypads from Honeywell, DSC and GE:

Utilizing the best technology offered by, Total Connect (tm), ipDatatel and Telular, ASL Security Pros has the solution to every alarm transmission in almost every part of Florida.

Whether utilizing our partnership with Security Networks (now a part of Monitronics) or our dedicated Central Station located in Central Florida, we provide the most reliable way to ensure your signals reach the Command Center as quickly as possible. If you prefer to self monitor your alarm, then the apps available from can be best customized to permit this. However, for an affordable monthly cost, you can have the benefit of knowing that the Police, Fire and Ambulance services are mere moments from being notified of your emergency. In an emergency every second counts!

The CSAA Five Diamond Central Station Certification program incorporates UL/ETL standards, random tests and laboratory research to improve customer service standards by central station employees, reducing false alarm dispatches and increasing the overall ability of the Central Station to be the customer's best conduit to the law enforcement, fire and medical responders.