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Analog, HD-SDI or IP technologies to professionally record and analyze events at home, business or at a large institution.
Professionally engineered alarm panels, sensors, duress and perimeter protection for the comfort of your family or rock-solid asset protection. Trusted industry brands such as Honeywell, GE, DSC, 2GIG/Linear etc.
Our professional UL-compliant CSAA Five-Diamond monitoring center provides 24/7 landline and cellular monitoring to signal the relevant authorities and provide you with a virtual presence at your home or business even while you are asleep.
We offer full remote control of door locks, lights and thermostat controls utilizing remote apps driven off your web-browser, Android or iPhone. Our partners include, ipDatatel and Honeywell Total Connect. This gives us the ability to upgrade or takeover almost any existing alarm system and upgrade it to a home or office automation command center.
We are constantly in search of new technologies which reduce home/business energy consumption; with resultant costs savings while providing users optimal control at their fingertips. From our Z-WAVE enabled thermostats and appliance control modules which set specific routines to conserve energy that can be controlled via your alarm system's app, to energy conserving and longer lasting LED landscape and security lighting, we endeavour to reduce your carbon footprint.
From single door keypad access control to biometric and RFID access systems (including hotel door locks), we work with industry leading brands to secure, audit and integrate centralized access control into your business enterprise, school or institution. Our FingerTec biometric and time-attendance systems feature "cloud" based storage which permits remote access to employee statistics and remote features which simplify business processes and improve your bottom line.

AUTOMATION - Residential & Commercial

Home and building automation takes multiple forms and ranges vastly according to budget. Generally, automation involves the integration of computerized controls with a home security system, lighting control panel, entertainment system (such as whole-home audio) or access control system. Modern technology has allowed a drastic reduction in price and ASL Security Pros focuses on mid-range systems which cater to the average residential or business customer.

As a dealer of, we provide ease of remote control via a smartphone, tablet or web interface via the internet (IP). Remote control of lights, appliances, pool pumps, aquarium pumps, locks or automatic gates can all be accomplished in a modular fashion by installing the new Z-Wave technology modules. "Modular" methodology allows phased installation, permitting customers the ability to scale their home automation needs over time.

For the discerning customer, lighting controls, deck lighting and LED mood lighting can all be accomplished and remotely controlled for a fraction of the costs associated with traditional lighting systems, at a fraction of the cost. Our flagship alarm panel (2GIG) allows ease of integration with a wide range of Z-Wave controllers, thermostats, plug-in appliance modules, dimmers, garage door controllers and even doorbells.

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