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Analog, HD-SDI or IP technologies to professionally record and analyze events at home, business or at a large institution.
Professionally engineered alarm panels, sensors, duress and perimeter protection for the comfort of your family or rock-solid asset protection. Trusted industry brands such as Honeywell, GE, DSC, 2GIG/Linear etc.
Our professional UL-compliant CSAA Five-Diamond monitoring center provides 24/7 landline and cellular monitoring to signal the relevant authorities and provide you with a virtual presence at your home or business even while you are asleep.
We offer full remote control of door locks, lights and thermostat controls utilizing remote apps driven off your web-browser, Android or iPhone. Our partners include, ipDatatel and Honeywell Total Connect. This gives us the ability to upgrade or takeover almost any existing alarm system and upgrade it to a home or office automation command center.
We are constantly in search of new technologies which reduce home/business energy consumption; with resultant costs savings while providing users optimal control at their fingertips. From our Z-WAVE enabled thermostats and appliance control modules which set specific routines to conserve energy that can be controlled via your alarm system's app, to energy conserving and longer lasting LED landscape and security lighting, we endeavour to reduce your carbon footprint.
From single door keypad access control to biometric and RFID access systems (including hotel door locks), we work with industry leading brands to secure, audit and integrate centralized access control into your business enterprise, school or institution. Our FingerTec biometric and time-attendance systems feature "cloud" based storage which permits remote access to employee statistics and remote features which simplify business processes and improve your bottom line.

CCTV Video Surveillance Systems – Residential & Commercial

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The 'bread and butter' of ASL Security Pros' electronic security business is the growing video surveillance market, for both residential (single family homes, condos, multi-dwelling units), commercial (retail, wholesale, manufacturing) and large scale solutions (hospitality, wide area deployments and education). Our expertise lies in the engineering and planning of these systems to match customer safety requirements, environmental considerations and best practices within the industry. Our services are offered throughout Florida and the Caribbean region utilizing industry recognized brands such as:
Our partner manufacturers' products have been installed throughout the United States and internationally, covering all segments of the private sector, residential, education and government markets (local, state and federal).

Single vs. Multiple Cameras: Which size is right for me? The purpose of our team's expertise lies in providing consultancy to determine which solution and type of technology works best in a given situation. We have partnered with multiple brands to allow breadth in both pricing and suitability for a given client. For clients (residential/commercial) who prefer 1-4 cameras we can offer either a base 4-channel DVR with any number of cameras, or our ALARM.COM platform featuring rich-quality indoor or outdoor color megapixel-quality cameras. manufactures several types of cameras (dome, bullet, indoor, outdoor, WiFi, wired) which we can specify and install to meet your specific need! Above all, see your camera remotely using the App from anywhere in the world, review recorded video clips (stored online without the need for a DVR) or have event clips emailed directly to your smartphone. Above all, integrates seamlessly with our 2GIG burglary alarm systems and range of Z-Wave home automation and control devices, to provide a single App for whole home security and automation. Call us today to inquire- 1-800-348-5154, ext 1.


IP vs. Analog vs HD-SDI: Older analog technology featuring 480-750 TV line cameras is being gradually replaced by newer IP (Internet Protocol) cameras and a hybrid version – the High Definition SDI camera. SDI utilizes older/pre-existing coaxial (RG6 / RG59) cables to facilitate high resolution transmissions up to 1080p, hence saving infrastructure and rewiring costs. ASL Security Pros features all three types of cameras and consult with our clients on the most appropriate fit for a given scenario.

Is there anything such as a "true 100% wireless camera": Perhaps the most common question asked by both residential and commercial clients (including architectural designers) – "are the cameras fully wireless?". Surely there are situations where due to cabling costs or inherent engineering difficulties we utilize WiFi enabled IP cameras where these can be built into a secured Local Area Network, however the concept of a true 100% wireless camera simply does not exist (at least by current industry standards)! Inevitably the camera requires electrical power (and even additional milliamps where there is a WiFi transmitter built-in). Most cameras work on a 12VDC or 24VAC supply, usually consuming 250ma-1A of current (depending on the individual features of the camera, such as enhanced night vision etc). There are very few batteries (even Li-Ion types) which can supply power at these rates for more than a day or two before requiring recharging/replacement. Our installers strive to professionally conceal any wiring by whatever means necessary and feasibly possible, according to the National Electrical Code for a given installation outfit. Until wireless electrical transmission can be phased into CCTV design, unfortunately the concept of a 100% wireless camera does not exists- EXCEPT- where we pair an outdoor camera to a photo-voltaic (solar) panel with rechargeable battery and regulator system. These types of projects have their applicability to offshore and extreme condition environments; however the mainstay of our business demands some type of structured cabling solution even where there is WiFi transmission of the video data.

Night Vision: Almost all our cameras are available for night or low-light viewing conditions. This is facilitated by built-in infrared illuminators which emit a red glow that accompanies infrared light waves which are invisible to human eyes but captured by the cameras CCD sensor. A built-in photoelectric cell meters the ambient light conditions to signal the appropriate time at which the infrared illuminators come on. It is important when engineering any system which features infrared cameras to calculate power loss over distance and utilize the correct cabling gage (AWG) and amperage of power supply/ voltage selection (AC/DC). Interestingly, many other CCTV installers do not understand that 24VAC plays in role in extended range video transmission (typically distances over 1000ft) where the higher voltage and alternating current is needed to provide a means of voltage "step-up" after experiencing voltage drop over the distance of the cable's run. Trust ASL Security Pros to your next large scale project!

Photo: Outdoor Multi-Camera Infrared System (Pole Mounted)- Miami FL

Motion Detection Recording: Our DVRs and NVRs feature built-in motion detection which signals recording or alerting only when one or more cameras detect motion. Advanced parameters can be set to exclude certain segments of a camera's field, as well as increase/decrease the sensitivity of the camera to ambient motion detection. This feature is invaluable when reviewing events which take place during the night or in periods of relative inactivity.

Video Storage: Rapid advances in video surveillance have driven costs of production down and exponentially increased resolution and frame capture rates of surveillance cameras, Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and (NVRs). All current DVRs feature the H.264 compression standard enabling recording only for screen pixels which change sequentially from one frame to another, hence reducing storage capacity requirements. Virtually all our DVRs feature a minimum of 1TB hard drive capacity, with options for RAID and cloud backup options being available on high-end DVRs/NVRs and remote access available via the web to anywhere on the planet where a reliable internet (WiFi/4G) internet connection exists!

Remote Viewing: Our solutions are cross platform friendly, being viewable on web browsers (PC and Mac), iPhone/iPad, Windows Mobile and Android devices. Above all, our partner manufacturers' apps work seamlessly and trouble free compared to many of the cheaper brands on the market, including those pre-packaged brands available from mass market retailers. Trust your commercial or home security to a pro- ASL Security Pros!

Audio: Almost all cameras do not feature audio capture due to privacy reasons. Some of our mid and high end IP cameras do feature audio capture, as well two-way audio. Conventional analog cameras and DVRs can be configured for audio using a separate microphone accessory, given that most DVRs feature at least 1 audio input, with as much as 4-16 inputs depending on the specific brand and model.

Legal considerations: Most jurisdictions do not allow audio and video to be recorded on the same channel for privacy reasons. Other jurisdictions require CCTV recording signage in certain environments and types of businesses. Please check with your local agencies (city/county) when in doubt. As a Florida State licensed contractor we are guided by the State and National Electrical Code standards in our installations.

Product Warranty: All installations include a minimum 1 year product warranty against normal defects. On our high-end products (such as Vitek, Axis, some Nuvico and LTS products), there is a three year manufacturer warranty on equipment. Additionally, we offer maintenance and service plans customized to your package and budget.

Financing: Financing is available for qualified commercial customers from Marlin Finance Co (NJ). Please click here to inquire.